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this little pose-helper is an awesome reference… I’VE BEEN DOODLING ON THIS THING ALL NIGHT, and for me (someone who can’t think up her own poses to save her life) it’s a glorious tool — it even has a save option so you can pop that shit right into photoshop and use it as a rough copy for your lineart. i don’t know who sent me this or why, but BLESS.

Well, this is incredibly useful and also addicting
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‘hi i haven’t talked to you in five weeks but we’re still best friends’: a story about me and human interaction.



so rebellion came out on blu-ray and everyones talking about this show again so i thought now would be a good time to make this:
She has a loving family and best friends, laughs and cries from time to time… Madoka Kaname, an eighth grader of Mitakihara middle school, is one of those who lives such a life. One day, she had a very magical encounter. She doesn’t know if it happened by chance or by fate yet. This is a fateful encounter that can change her destiny—this is a beginning of the new story of the magical witch girls.
it’s a magical girl story but with a lot of dark themes.. like you’ll be very surprised when you watch the show
the main series (the anime):
1. i first met her in a dream, or something… (sub / dub) // 2. that would be truly wonderful (sub / dub) // 3. i'm not afraid of anything anymore (sub / dub) // 4. miracles and magic are real (sub / dub) // 5. there’s no way i’ll ever regret it (sub / dub) // 6. this just can’t be right (sub / dub) // 7. can you face your true feelings? (sub / dub) // 8. i was stupid, so stupid (sub / dub) // 9. i'd never allow that to happen (sub / dub) // 10. i won’t rely on anyone anymore (sub / dub) // 11. the only thing i have left to guide me (sub / dub) // 12. my very best friend (sub / dub)
the main series (manga):
 read here!
rebellion story manga
or alternatively you can purchuse volume 1-3 here! 
the main series (movies:)
there are 3 movies two are recaps of the anime and one is an all new feature length film
The Beginning Story & The Everlasting Story (recap movies): (torrent / online -part one / online -part two)
The Rebellion Story (new movie): (torrent)
the main series (drama cd’s)
1. memories of you (translation) // 2. sunny day life (translation) // 3. farewell story (translation) // 4. summer magical girl training camp!! (translation)
spinoff mangas:
Puella Magi Oriko Magica
Puella Magi Kazumi Magica
Puella Magi Madoka Magica- The Different Story
other things:
Madoka Magica Online
Grief Syndrome
Madoka Magica Portable
Madoka Magica: Battle Pentagram
last but not least this
Thats it for now! Please message me if i missed anything or if you just want to talk PMMM i love this anime so much

damn it. i knew it. that last “this” link was
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As a college student, currently really hungry with nothing to eat, I understand how hard it can be to get food. Sometimes you really just don’t have the money to eat and when you do, you waste it all on fast food instead of stocking up on cheap things because you’re so tired of Ramen Noodes and canned food you could barf. So, I’ve composed a list of recipes and resources that will fit a college kid’s budget and appetite. Don’t go hungry! <3
Ramen Noodle Recipes:
Ramen Noodle Stir Fry
Sirloin-Snap Pea Stir Fry
Chicken Noodle Soup
Chili Cheese Ramen
Egg Drop Ramen
Spinach and Ramen
Ramen Spaghetti
Ramen Alfredo
Cheesy Ramen Noodles
Mug Meals:
Cheesy Eggs Mug
Cheese and Broccoli Mug
Mac and Cheese in a Mug
Meatloaf in a Mug
Nutella Mug Cake
Cheesecake Mug
Coffee Cup Quiche
Coffee Cup Chilaquiles
Mug Egg Scramble
Microwave Recipes:
Potato Chips
Corn on the cob
Scalloped Potatoes
White Rice
Fried Rice
Baked Potato
Chicken Casserole 
Garlic Chicken
Chicken Soup Casserole
Caramelized Onion Baked Potato
Soft Chicken Tacos
Recipe Generators
My Fridge Food
Fire House Chef
Dinner in 15 Minutes
Advanced recipe Generator
Recipe Matcher
Super Cook
Recipe Puppy
Cook Thing
Recipes by Ingredient
Recipe Key
Not Beans Again
Ideas 4 Recipes
Big Oven
Other Resources
Actual College Student Cookbook
Restaurant Coupons [1] [2] [3] [4]
Free Birthday food [1] [2] 

League of Legends Give Away!



HELLO ALL! I am doing yet another give away! This time I will be giving away a $10 RP Code :3 The Rules are very simple:

  1. You MUST be following me! (When i choose the winner i will be checking!)
  2. You MUST reblog this! (Likes do not count as entry)
  3. Multiple reblogs DO count! reblog as many times as you want! 

I will be using a random number generator to pick the winner!






I love this show.

he’s beating his meat to Raven’s legs